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The 21th “Overseas Friends for Jiangsu’s Visit in Suzhou” comes to a successful conclusion
The 2018 Overseas Chinese Youth “China Roots Journey” Suzhou Camp is successfully held in Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou
2018 Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou is opened in Suzhou International Expo Center
2017 “High-level Overseas Chinese Visit Jiangsu” (Changshu Session) is successfully held
The delegation of Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Affairs visits Brazil、Chile & Panama
The Conference of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Enterprises Association Transition & the Summit of New Enterprises Further Development Discussion are convened in Suzhou
The opening ceremony of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Service Workstation for Overseas Chinese is held in Suzhou
The 40th anniversary of reform&opening trip of overseas Chinese media to Suzhou is officially opened
Located at the central part of the Yangtze River Delta,Suzhou borders Shanghai on the east,Zhejiang Province on the south,the Taihu Lake on the west and the Yangtze River on the north.It has a riverbank stretching 140 kilometer along the Yangtze River.The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through from north to south,and the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway,the Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway traverse from east to west.
Being the famous water town on the southern reaches of the Yangtze River Delta,Suzhou covers a land area of 8,488 square kilometers,of which water takes up 42.5%.By the end of the year,Suzhou boasts a household registered population of 6.6701 million.The number of permanent residents amounts to 10.616 million.Under its jurisdiction are Zhangjiagang City,Changshu City,Taicang City,Kunshan City,Wujiang District,Wuzhong District,Xiangcheng District,Gusu District,Suzhou industrial Park,and Suzhou New & Hi-tech District(Huqiu District). >> read more
the Humble Administrator's Garden
the Lingering Garden
the Master-of-Nets Garden
the Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty
the Lion Forest Garden
the Canglang Pavilion
the Couple Garden Retreat
the Garden of Cultivation
the Retreat and Reflection Garden
Three quarters of the Taihu Lake which has the fame as "a boundless expanse of blue waters"are within the boundary of Suzhou. Endowed with rich cultural and natural resources,it has its unique features.
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There are altogether over 200
ancient water towns in Suzhou,
among which Luzhi,Tongli,
Fenghuang,Guli,Lili,Zhenze are ranked as Chinese Historical Cultural Towns.
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The colourful opera arts of Suzhou date back a long time ago.Kunqu Opera is regarded as the ancestor of operas and Pingtan Opera is one of the Four National Operas.
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With the fame as "marketplace of arts and crafts",Suzhou has a long history in terms of folk arts and crafts,It has its place in the history of Chinese folk arts.
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Implementation Procedures of the “Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Returned Overseas Chinese and the Relatives of Overseas Chinese Who Remain Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Returned Overseas Chinese and the Relatives of Overseas Chinese Who Remain in the Homeland
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